How to Quote easily from the Internet

If you find something of interest in the web, it is only a matter of a few clicks to share contents with your co-members for discussion.

SETUP (only once): After Login, go to the TOOLS Menu:

Just Drag/Drop Buttons to your Bookmarks and whenever you find something to share, just click on the Bookmark. Depending what you use (‚Press This‘ or ‚Open Press This‘) a popup will appear or a search site will open.

Once, you have the bookmark, you can always use it while browsing the net:

While ‚Press This‘ is faster, ‚Open Press This‘ is easier to understand:






Just post the url and click ‚SCAN‘.

Click ‚Submit for Review‘ and your job is done. Admins will be notified via e-mail, that you want to share information. They will decide, if and how it will be delivered to the community.